What is the role of infertility nursing certified nurse?

The role of certified infertility nursing nurses is roughly divided into three roles.
It is “practice” “guidance” “consultation”.

In practice, in order to become an infertility nursing certified nurse, by making use of the acquired knowledge and technology, after gaining information on the person who actually suffers from suffering and suffering from infertility and their families, assessment is carried out and care is taken To go.
Because there is professional knowledge, there are so many nurses that can be done.

By practicing guidance and consultation to other nurses, holding study sessions etc., by sharing the knowledge gained to everyone, we can improve the knowledge and skills of other nurses and give patients with high quality nursing And can provide it to their families.

In addition, spiritual support is also a very important role for those suffering from infertility and their families.
It is also an important role to cooperate with other occupations and to find a treatment method suitable for that person.