Salary and Holiday of infertility nursing certified nurse

What happens to your salary or holiday after obtaining infertility certified nurse?
I think that there are also people who think that it is.

Depending on the workplace, I would like to answer in terms of average though it will be different. 

Regarding salary, it does not change very much even after getting qualification.
There are also places where we provide qualification allowance, but it is about 5 thousand yen to 10 thousand yen a month for the month.

Regarding the clinic, because there is no night shift, salaries are a little higher, but in the case of working in wards there is a high possibility of decreasing. 

The reason for doing this is because I have to do business as a certified nurse on a day-to-day basis.
We have to do guidance and consultation to the staff within the work, because we say that we have to do a study group etc, the number of night shift decreases.

Regarding holidays, you can take the same as before and after getting qualifications, but you will also be busy because you have to do research and material creation etc on holidays, too.